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UX Optimisation Plan

Understand user behaviour and fine-tune your website for growth.

What it is
We inspect your website's interface and user journeys on desktop and mobile to identify where we can make immediate improvement in usability and persuasiveness.
We iteratively research and generate insights about your customers’ needs and behaviour on your website and keep making improvements in an ongoing UX optimisation program.
How we do it
We get in the mindset of your customers and use the site as they would. At each step, we systematically inspect the interface with respect to the actions the user is expected to do, and established usability principles. We can consolidate our analysis with access to your website's analytics.
We use multiple tools and methods such as usability tests, analytics, session recordings, A/B tests, surveys, polls and chat log analysis to collect data and gather UX insights.
What you get
You get a list of changes to implement on your website's desktop and mobile version. We provide you with revised text and mockups ready to be implemented or A/B tested.
You get multiple reports showing how visitors are using your website, highlighting where and why they drop off. We provide recommendations to address all issues uncovered.
When to do it
It is an effective low-cost and high ROI investment when performed in the initial stages of a UX/Conversion Rate Optimisation program for a live website.
Any time is a good time to gather insights about your users to increase user satisfaction, conversions and retention.
How long it takes
1 week
Duration of UX optimisation programs vary depending on the methods used and typically run for many weeks.
How much it costs
Starts From £350
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If the Expert UX Review doesn't pay for itself within a month of applying our recommendations, we'll give you your money back.